Grants are an incredible way to help your business, community, park or other public area assessed to become a safer environment for all. If you’re available for a grant, we can help with the application process to help you acquire funding for your next project.

Alberta Security Infrastructure Program (ASIP) Grant

The ASIP grant program provides funding for security planning AND/OR minor infrastructure/technology improvements to facilities belonging to or primarily used by registered not-for-profit organizations that serve communities at risk of hate or bias-motivated crimes or incidents.

Stream A – Up to $10,000

Stream B – Up to $90,000

Example Above of Access Control and Natural Surveillance.

Example Above of Community Culture.

Downtown Lethbridge CPTED Grant

This relatively new initiative came about as a result of the fallout of the community drug crisis. The CPTED grant is part of the overall Downtown Clean and Safe Strategy and is available to businesses and/or property in the downtown as well as an expanded area in proximity to the old Supervised Consumption Site and the current shelter.

Business and/or property owners are eligible for an up to $5000 matching grant for projects that help to make their property safer i.e. motion sensing lighting, surveillance cameras, fencing, Peka Rollshutters, etc. Funding is only available for exterior elements.